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We have a diverse range of equipment to suit every type of workout in our bright and spacious gym.

Strength Equipment

Two power racks and deadlift platforms for olympic sized bars, a bench press and a wide range of free weights. Book a power rack online for £5 a session so you don't have to wait your turn or share like at other gyms. Speed up your gym time and stay focused.

Cardio Equipment 

Whether your training to achieve a specifc goal or you just want to keep your fitness ticking over we have the kit you need. A treadmill with incline control, a compact and comfortable to use eliptical and a rowing machine.

Functional Equipment

Why not try something a bit different? Slam balls, weighted sandbags, soft jump boxes or a push :up board so you can perfect your technique. Still need some inspiration? Book one of our classes and learn something new with our studio pump sets guided by one of our knowledgabe trainers.  

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