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Hi, my name is Luke and I am the director of Custom Fitness. 
I started my fitness journey at 28 stone after suffering with my mental health for a long time. In between then and where I am now I have lost over half of my body weight, gained a lot of muscle and learnt a thing or two about a sustainable diet and exercise regime. I've made some good decisions and a few mistakes during my journey and it is my mission to bust all of the myths around health and fitness out there. I don't follow trends and only recommend what I know works backed by the basic principles of fitness and nutrition from a scientific view. 
I want to support you in achieving your goals whatever they might be!



I am a level 3 qualified PT and level 2 certificate holder for nutrition.


I have been a PT for 3 years, during this time I have changed the lives of numerous people. 


I specialise in strength & muscular endurance based training, along with having the nutritional knowledge to take your training and results to the next level to achieve your goals 💪.


Nutritional knowledge doesn't just stop at the specialities listed above but can be used for goals in weight loss or weight gain, my approach is to give each client a tailored fitness experience. 


My own fitness journey:


A handful of years ago I was 9 stone and as thin as a stick, your typical "hard gainer", through expanding my knowledge, training and nutrition I have increased my body weight to 13 stone.

Exponentially increased my own strength and muscular endurance, rivalling those in many professional sport positions. 



My prices are £30 a session, a minimum of 4 sessions a month will entitle you to free nutritional services.

I also offer custom nutritional packages independently of personal training which is £60 a month.

Message me for more details about the above services.

07776 208878

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Hi I’m Nikki. I’m a level 3 Personal Trainer, Boxcercise Instructor & Life Coach.

I have been on my own fitness and well-being journey, in fact I am still on it, therefore I feel I can really relate to thise who want to lose weight, get fitter and  become healthier.

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